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Philippines for Business: Why Companies Rent Offices in Philippines

The Philippines boasts a wide labour pool and rapidly expanding economy, making it an ideal place for office relocation.

The Philippines is located in South West Asia and is bordered by Taiwan and South China. Due to its tropical climate and position in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the country is prone to typhoons and earthquakes. However, this also means that the country is very rich in biodiversity and natural resources. The country is divided into the geographical divisions of Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao, and the capital city is Manila.

The Philippines is the 13th most populous country in the world with over 103 million people living in the region. The economy of the Philippines is the 34th largest in the world and it has a GDP of $304 billion (estimated, 2017). The country predominately exports electronics, textiles, transport equipment and petroleum products. China, Japan and the US are among its major trading partners.

The Philippines is in the process of transitioning from a traditional, agriculturally-based economy to one founded more on manufacturing and services. The largest sector is still agriculture, but the industrial and service sectors are rapidly growing. The mountainous terrain and geography of the country mean that transportation infrastructure is somewhat underdeveloped, but the country has good road links and international air connections.

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